Best Portable Clothes Dryer in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Hey! What’s up? I wonder what brought you here! Well, not really. Many people have already been here looking for the best solution to dry out their everyday clothes.

Washing clothes isn’t a chore that you can get rid of. And with that, comes the chore of drying them out too. But, if it’s the winter or rainy season, you’ll need all the luck to dry your clothes before you need to wear them to a party!

Well, you certainly have the option of using a traditional tumble dryer. However, of course, it will need a huge dedicated space and cut good bucks from your credit card for the electricity bills. For the apartment owners, both these conditions of using the traditional dryer seem like a no-no.

So, that’s when you turn to compact solutions like portable dryers. But, not all of these can help you with long service, only the best portable clothes dryer can! Since we have understood your problem, why not look out our solution?

Best Portable Clothes Dryer
Best Portable Clothes Dryer

A Look at Our Favorites Portable Dryer

hOmeLabs Front Load Clothes Dryer
    The most popular choice when it comes to getting 100% performance out of a compact dryer.
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Manatee Clothes Dryer
    If you have a bunch of garments piled up to dry, give this unit a couple hours and all done!
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Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer
    I Want to quicken the drying process and save some money on your dryer, this might be your option!
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    With five different heat settings to choose from you can surely rely on this unit for a complete dried laundry.
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Panda Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer
    Is user convenience your main concern, this hanging rack ventless clothes dryer will ease up the process for you.
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Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer
    Going on hiking for a few days with friends, you can’t waste much time on drying clothes, can you? So, just take along this small dryer.
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Panda PAN40SF Portable Compact Cloth Dryer
    Out of the best dryers in the market, why not have one for yourself at home and that too in an affordable price? What’s the delay?
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Best Portable Clothes Dryer Reviews

1. hOmeLabs Front Load Portable Clothes Dryer – Editor’s Choice

Three different easy to maneuver settings, advanced lint filter included, also includes auto drying and timed drying mechanisms.


  • Dimensions: 23.28″ (W) x 17.91″ (D) x 27.16″ (H)
  • Weight: 64.9 lbs
  • Capacity: 9 lbs
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Noise generation: 70 dB
  • Timer range: 0 – 180 minutes
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

What are your thoughts on a compact dryer that gives all the necessary features to dry up your clothes most quickly and efficiently? Pretty cool, huh? Well, then let’s check out a little bit more about the homeLab’s compact laundry dryer.

To begin with, let’s talk about capacity. The front-loading electric dryer will dry out all the clothes you can push in it. And with a 2.6 cubic feet capacity, it will take on about 9 lbs of clothes with no difficulties!

If we want to know if it’s durable, let me tell you, the stainless steel tub will take on a heavy-duty cleaning and deliver the smoothest finish in a jiffy. You can see if your clothes are doing fine from the integrated viewing window.

The lint filter is quite advanced that sums up with ease of cleaning it, quieter operation, and of course, the perks of energy-saving as well. How does it save energy? They haven’t forgotten about the automatic shutoff!

You have three customizable settings that include cooling, air drying, and even heat drying. It also allows your clothes to dry with no creases on them with the anti-wrinkle feature. It even has a handle that lets you move it with much ease.

What impressed me more was that the drying process suited to most fabric types, and did not ruin the quality. And also, you can install it anywhere!

You will be amazed to know that it offers faster drying than most similar portable clothes dryers, and also it comes in a compact size. So, I don’t see anything wrong with it, do you?


  • Won’t damage your clothing
  • Easy to install
  • Handy maneuvering
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable quality construction
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Built-in handle allowing easy operation
  • Versatile


  • Doesn’t include an exhaust vent. So, you have to purchase it separately

2. Manatee Clothes Dryer – Great Capacity

Offers WiFi connection, includes castor wheels, six towel hanging rods, a fabric cover, remote control.


  • Dimensions: 30″ (W) x 20″ (D) x 59″ (H)
  • Weight: 11.92 lbs
  • Capacity: 33 lbs
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Timer range: 0 – 240 minutes
  • Warranty: 30-days Backed up
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

If you have a small apartment, why not turn one equipment into two gadgets? How about a dryer where you can keep your clothes hanging even after the drying? And so we bring you the Manatee clothes dryer.

The best part is its capacity for holding clothes. You won’t believe it, but it holds up to 15 kgs of clothes. And what’s the total drying time? 250 minutes. Well, it might seem long to you, but the improved technology guarantees total drying. And for the hurry, it even has a quick dry mode, that’ll take only about 15 minutes to dry them! I’m not joking; trust me.

A unique feature that sets it aside from all the typical machines is its Anion Sterilize mode. What does it do? It eliminates dangerous airborne materials, including pollen, viruses, bacteria, molds, and so on. No more worries about hygiene! Phew!

You might wonder such a powerful machine will eat up a good number of your credit card balance. But if you are worried about the electricity bill, let me tell you Manatee has an eco mode to cut your bill to the minimum.

Now, let’s talk about user convenience. When you are busy with work, you can’t babysit your machine for hours. And so this portable clothes dryer comes with remote control and an LCD screen, which is functional from 25 feet! Kudos to the machine’s intelligence temperature control that diminishes any chances of overheating. Once the dryer has done its job, the unit will turn off automatically. We are all in dire need of such a smart machine!

I’m sure you’ve already cleared up some space to bring it home.


  • Foldable design
  • Easy to store
  • Multi functional, Effortless usage
  • Environment friendly, Saves energy
  • Sufficiently accessorized
  • LCD controlling screen
  • Huge capacity, Safety assured


  • The assembly may take some time
  • The upper and middle bar clothes overlap that might disrupt the drying process

3. Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer – High Speed

Unique drain spout, advanced spin disc.


  • Dimensions: 13.5″ (W) x 13.5″ (D) x 25.5″ (H)
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Power: 300 watts
  • Spinning speed: 3200 RPM
  • Noise generation: 72 dB
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

The length drying process may drain out all the water from clothes, but it drains our patience. So, why not get a portable dryer that runs with the fastest speed like the Panda 3200 portable spin dryer.

The stainless steel durable outer construction combining with a large space inside, lets you dry about 22 lbs of clothes at a time. Oh, don’t stress about the capacity, the unit is super light to carry around.

So, we were talking about speed, right? This is a spin dryer, so how fast it can spin the clothes ensures how quickly the clothes will dry. And with 3200 RPM speed, do you think anything can go wrong? The unit will dry out your clothes up to 90%.

Well, you surely know how to spin dryers work. They will speed up the drying time rather than completely drying off the garments. Same with this one. After the unit does it’s job, you’ll have to hang the garments for a while to let off the damp state.

There are so many positive features of the unit. For instance, controlling with modern machines doesn’t only mess around with you but also with your head. But this simple controlling will ensure even a kid can operate it!

How does this box drain out the water? Does it create a mess? Yes, I know what you have been wondering. But no, the gravity drain spout drains away all the water and the mess. All you need to do is place a bucket beneath it!

As a spin dryer, technical malfunctions can be an issue. But this unit has it under control too. The spin disc prevents the drum from losing balance or the garments from spinning out. The safety lock of the lid and the rubber feet ensure a stabilized functioning with no apparent technical issues. So, your laundry times are saved!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around
  • Large capacity
  • Effortless maneuvering
  • Durable option, Quiet operation
  • Locking lid for assured safety
  • No need for an external hose connection


  • The only issue we see with this one is that it won’t completely dry out the clothes

4. Magic Chef MCPMCSCDRY1S – Versatile Settings

Multiple drying options, included lint and air filter, swinging door.


  • Dimensions: 17.1″ (W) x 23.6″ (D) x 25.6″ (H)
  • Weight: 48.4 lbs
  • Capacity: 8 lbs
  • Voltage: 120 volts
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Have you been looking for a durable portable clothes dryer with that aesthetic finish, but unlucky in finding so? We might have brought it to your door! Just check the Magic Chef MCPMCSCDRY1S portable dryer.

If you have limited space and cannot clear up a dedicated space for the essential clothes dry, what do you do? If only you could mount it to the wall! Well, yes, now with the Magic Chef dryer, it is possible. This stand-alone unit can also be placed on the wall as it brings along a wall mounting kit.

The maximum capacity being 8 lbs seems enough for a single-family. And the drying time seems like it has been cut to the minimum. So, already its sucking up the least time, effort, and electricity bill. But to cut you a little more from the bill, it has an eco mode to save wattage.

This affordable unit makes every single penny worth it. The stainless steel durable drum with the sleek outer surface will last through years of great service.

You want to see how it excels in its department, the stylish swinging door with the viewing window will give you a nice view!

It’s time we talk about the controls. Do five-speed settings seem enough for you? Well, of course, it’s more than enough. But it’s not done. It even has a timer control to give users a bit more convenience with the controlling. Hey, you don’t need to worry about so many options, because all you will need to do is rotate the knob!

Well, it seems like we have solved your problem with minimal space usage with a good solution!


  • Versatile
  • Easy installation, Multiple installation options
  • Maneuvering is easy
  • Convenient controlling
  • High-quality heating part
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Timer control for more efficient results
  • Moderately priced


  • The fast-spinning can generate much noise

5. Panda Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer – User Friendly

Include a clothes rack, support pole, waterproof protection plate, dryer legs.


  • Dimensions: 9.5″ (W) x 11.25″ (D) x 21″ (H)
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Power: 900 W
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Noise generation: 60 dB
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

If all this technology messes with your not-so advanced mind, then we have a simpler option. Check out the Panda portable ventless clothed dryer.

So, the question is, how does it work? It uses a motor that generates moderately warm water to dry out the garments and evening the creases. And the result, dry, soft, clean garments!

This portable clothes dryer does not take much or time to get it set. Rather once it’s set, you can store it in a compact and narrow place without bulging with other tools or equipment. And you know what? It doesn’t make any sound to scare your kids or pets!

Though it’s a compact electric dryer, it holds up to 22 lbs of clothes. And guess how long it takes to dry them out? Not more than 180 minutes. So, what do you have to do here? Just hang the garments on the rack and set the timer. That’s all you have to do!

The disassembly is a piece of cake. After you are done using it for the day, unscrew the pole, remove the legs and fold away the hanging rack! This simple machine weighs less than 9 lbs with a smaller dimension. If you don’t want to disassemble it so often, you can carry it around and position it differently, which wouldn’t be a problem.

You can change between heat settings from lower to higher as per your need. If you are a student and staying in a dorm, you surely want to have the least in your hands to manage. And this portable dryer seems perfect for you!


  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Simple assembly
  • Doesn’t need any vent
  • Small footprint
  • Stable foot design
  • High performance, Saves energy
  • Faster drying
  • Maintains a silent operation


  • Not ideal for heavy drying

6. Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer – Most Compact

Uses less energy, quick-drying mechanism.


  • Dimensions: 13″ (W) x 13″ (D) x 18″ (H)
  • Weight: 12.32 lbs
  • Capacity: 2.2 lbs
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Spinning speed: 1750
  • Warranty: 1-year
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Time is the priority for you; you don’t want a single minute wasted. So doesn’t this portable clothes dryer. I’m certainly talking about the Mini portable countertop spin dryer.

It has a small frame weighing less than 13 lbs but can fit up to 2.2 lbs of laundry. For a small household or single-family, this sounds just enough, not yet? Then what I’m about to tell you will blow your mind!

It takes only 2-3 minutes for each drying session. Yes, I’m not kidding at all. So, even if the capacity is less, you don’t have to make all those preparations before you can do put wet laundry in it. Just throw things at it, wait for a couple of minutes and voila!

So, what makes it so quick? Undoubtedly the 82 watts power and amazing 1750 RPM speed. The speed is a lot compared to the size. And it would be unfair if we didn’t talk about it.

Even this doesn’t look like one of those heavy-duty machines, but it will last for long! And we are not the ones saying it, the general users are! If you are up for some camping, this lightweight mini portable dryer will become handy.

If you ask for the value of your hard-earned money, then this is the catch for you.


  • Takes up the least amount of space
  • Effortless controlling
  • Simple maneuverability
  • Highly portable
  • Does not wear out the color or fabric quality
  • Dry clothes in a few minutes!
  • Compact size


  • The build quality is not up to the mark
  • Insufficient capacity

7. Panda PAN40SF Portable Compact Cloth Dryer – Budget Pick

Transparent lid, includes a wall mounting kit, removable lint filter, four temperature options for drying.


  • Dimensions: 23.62″ (W) x 17.12″ (D) x 27.56″ (H)
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Capacity: 8.8 lbs
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Noise generation: 70 dB
  • Warranty: A year of manufacture warranty
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Panda seems like a winner when it comes to portable drying machines. Let me introduce you to a more advanced version of the front load dryer version- the Panda PAN40SF portable compact cloth dryer.

As it claims, yes, it is one compact dryer with small dimensions. And ideal for taking along in dorms, small apartments, and even camping. If you can’t find a certain place for it on the floor, you can even mount it on the wall.

The dryer’s total capacity would be 8.8 lbs, which isn’t any less than you will need. And to dry out all these garments, you will need around 200 minutes. However, if you cut down on the load, it will cut down on time and take only about half-an-hour.

As per user convenience and needs are concerned, it offers it all! You will find four temperature settings to give you an extra hand for drying out clothes. These include warm, air dry, hot dry and cool drying options. The whole gadget is very easy to maneuver with the controls at the front.

The drum or bucket where you will be stuffing your wet clothes must be of quality to last through the decades. And yes, the drum of this portable dryer is made of stainless steel, which will serve you for years!

What eases and amplifies the cleaning process is the removable lint filter. Absolutely nothing can go wrong with a quality filter like this. Your clothes are drying out and hygiene assurance with one machine. Sounds great!

The transparent lid gives you a nice view of the inside. Oh! And does the sound stress you too much? It almost works silently. Hence, don’t bother. Drying out clothes for a busy man never seemed so easy, huh?


  • High power
  • Doesn’t take much room
  • Ideal for wall mounting
  • Can be plugged anywhere
  • Lightweight, Carry to anywhere
  • A durable stainless steel drum


  • Takes a bit longer to dry compared with similar options

What Are The Benefits of Using a Portable Clothes Dryer?

Drying clothes can create a huge ruckus, take away your precious time, and also a lot of mismanagement can even worsen the case. All this because traditional ways of hanging and drying for hours takes some great preparation and offers the least convenience. But with portable dryer options, the case is the opposite. So, what are the advantages? Let’s brief it down for you.


These units are made to move around. If you don’t have a dedicated place for them, you can switch places. Some can even be mounted to the walls. And sometimes for a longer camping session, you will be in dire need of a dryer, you can take these to your campsites as well!

Saves time

No one likes drying clothes like our grandmas used to. We are taking the garments to the yard, setting up the rope, getting the cloth clips, and then putting one by on the rope for drying. And let’s not forget the mismanagements, falling of the garments, and the hours of drying. These units save all the hassle and precious hours as well.

Easy shifting

The portable clothes dryers are made in the lightest and smallest dimensions, so shifting them isn’t an issue. The larger ones are either foldable or collapsable to make the shifting easier.

Collapse and store

You might not always need such machines, but with a smaller apartment, if you don’t need a gadget for the moment, why let it eat up a good space? And hence packing and storing the portable clothes dryers is a great advantage.

Takes the least space for storing

The smaller dimensions allow them to be stored in the minimum space. And if it is collapsable, then you can even store it in the cupboard!


If you are planning on buying a full-size tumble dryer, it’will cost you loads. But these are moderately priced, including all the other apparent advantages.

Less energy consumption

Comparing the portable dryers with tumble dryers, they surely save more energy. Some even have a dedicated eco mode that makes them energy efficient and cut on the electricity bills.

What Criteria Should You Consider Before The Purchase? – Buying Guide

Not all portable dryers will suit your needs or your budget. There are hundreds of models with thousands of unique features, but you must know which of these is mandatory to make your drying experience satisfactory! So, let’s dig inside into our hours of research!

Types of portable dryers

A few different types are available in the market. Of which, the main categories include vented and ventless clothes dryers. Some dryers require an exhaust hose to drain out the water, where others don’t. If we want to split up more categories, then there are a couple more types we can talk about.

Hanging dryers

These are the ones that need the assembly to get the work done. They come with hangers or racks, and you can place your garments on them. They’ll take the help of a motor to dry out the clothes completely. They usually offer the most room for drying clothes. These may be a little expensive one on the list. But compared with the precision of performance, it’s all worth it.

Front-load dryers

Such units are cubical with a front door that allows you to peek inside with the viewing window. The capacity is not as great as the hanging ones, but it’s almost 8-9 lbs, which do a decent job for 2-3 persons.

Soft-spin dryers

These are sort of an exception because they will not dry out the garments completely, rather speed up the whole process. You will need to hang the clothes after the unit has done its job. These are the cheapest on the list and simple to maneuver, and of course, the ones with the least hassle! You can check out the mini spin dryer in our list or even the nina soft spin dryer, which is a great compact unit as well.

Purpose of usage

Before you set your mind on any of these units, you need to be sure of where and how you will use them.

For instance, most people opt for a portable clothes dryer because they have small apartments and don’t have sufficient space to adjust the full-size tumble dryer. Yes, they certainly need a compact unit, but the mobility isn’t their prime concern.

However, for travelers or people who spend most days outside of the home, the prime concern is mobility and portability. A machine that you can take around with you in the car doesn’t need a direct plug-in to work.

Also, how long of your precious minutes or hours can you give to the clothing dryer. If you are in a hurry, choose an option that offers faster drying. Who likes wearing wet socks, anyways?

Getting the right size

There is a range of sizes available in the market for such dryers. The size is a concern according to the space available in your house. If it’s for the dorm or a constricted apartment, then smaller options are more Ideal for you. With this, you will have to compromise with the capacity and power as well.

However, if you have enough space at home and a moderately large family, you certainly need a bigger size. Also, when considering the size, don’t forget to consider the weight as well. Because if it’s bigger, it will weigh more as well.

Easy assembly

Not all types of portable clothes dryers will require assembly. Units like the home Labs front load dryer, are ready to use once you have unpacked them. But if you are specifically going for the hanging dryers, you’ll need to keep aside some time for assembly and disassembly of the units.

That shouldn’t worry you out, because they mostly need a maximum of 5-10 minutes for the setup. And once you are done, you can remove the parts or fold the whole unit and store it in a narrow space.

Is it effective?

What is the definition of effectiveness in this case for you? Does it signify complete drying, faster drying, or mess-free handling? Another question would be, what types of fabric will you be drying more often?

If your preferred fabric includes a larger portion of towels, jeans, or other heavy fabrics, you need a more powerful option. However, if linen, cotton, or softer garments are dried, you want a unit that’s gentler on your fabrics.

How much time are you willing to take for drying is another concern. If you need to drain the water in a jiffy, then some machines can dry them in minutes. However, if you think you can offer more time for drying, larger options or ones that offer partial drying can do the job.

Is it worth the money?

As we have checked about thousands of models, the price can vary drastically. And it depends on a lot of factors including, power, capacity, drying time, unique features, and the brand. But your needs are also as unique as each machine. For how long will you need the machine or under what circumstances, will you use it to make up for the layout of your ideal machine? Don’t focus on the exaggeration or sparkly bonus features, rather concentrate on your actual needs. That’s how you can find a portable dryer that is worth every single penny!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dry most fabric types with portable dryers?

For most dryers, I can answer in the affirmative. But few models only work on specified fabrics, and by that means, it might damage the other types.

How versatile can a portable clothes dryer be regarding the heat settings?

Typically, you will get 2-3 heat settings with most units, but if you are lucky enough, you can get more!

Does it use up too much energy?

Comparing with the full-size ones, it consumes half the energy, and sometimes even way lesser.


So, what’s going to be your choice? The all-in-one homeLabs front-load portable clothes dryer, the Manatee hanging clothes dryer for holding more capacity or the super fast mini dryer?

No matter what your concerning feature is, whether the capacity, fastest drying, or portability, we have all the options enlisted for you as you have already seen. And some even excel in all qualities. However, even if you don’t find your ideal unit from the reviews, you will surely find it as soon as you go through the purchasing guidelines.

We have shown you the path, now you need to find the destination. Good luck in finding the best clothes dryer! And thanks to technology that drying clothes is a piece of cake now. Just imagine the traditional drying process and the hassle included, would you have done it that way? So, take the boon and it’s time you put your money on something useful!

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