The Best Portable Sauna To Give You A Mind-Blowing Sauna Treatment

Making a visit to the spa can be both time-consuming and costly. And I’m sure that’s why you are here to find the best portable sauna for yourself.

Isn’t it great having a portable sauna that you can take to any place you like and enjoy the fullest of the health benefits? When asked the general users, they are extremely pleased with how the portable infrared saunas work for them.

If you are a newbie to this technology of detoxifying your body, then as a first-timer you are surely in need of the best quality portable saunas. And to make sure you get to reach the finest ones quickly, we are here to help you!

The enlisted products not only remove toxins from your body, but they have a wide variety of amazing effects to heal, develop, and improve your health system. Are you eager to know more about them? Come on! What are you waiting for?

Best Portable Sauna
Best Portable Sauna

Let’s Begin with The List of Portable Saunas!

Relax Far Infrared Sauna
    Covering all of your health needs, this product will give you great support throughout the years
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Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna
    If you are worried about exposure to higher radiations, then the Durherm would be your ideal choice.
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Radiant Saunas Portable Infrared Sauna
    For taller guys to enjoy the maximum of the sauna treatment, this is the one for them!
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Durherm Folding Steam Portable Sauna
    Are you more interested in a humid steam sauna? Then get this one to all the goodness of sauna treatment.
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Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Home Sauna
    Portable sports chair, efficient heaters, timer control, and a heating foot pad – All these come along with the product to give you an out-of-the-world relaxation.
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Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage
    When you are on your own, purchase a sauna that is easy to carry and store. This might be what you need!
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SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa – Personal Sauna
    Each time you take a session in this one, you shall experience a similar relaxation and comfort like a high-end spa!
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7 Best Portable Infrared Sauna Reviews 2021

1. Relax Far Infrared Sauna – Editor’s Choice

It gives you multiple health benefits, therapeutic advantages, faster heating.


  • Power: Two infrared blowers each with 750 watt
  • Dimensions: 33” (W) x 32” (D) x 46” (H)
  • EMF Levels: Less than 0.17 mG
  • Warm-up Time: About 30 seconds
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

If you have some good bucks in your pocket, and you need the best portable infrared sauna available in the market. Then the Relax Far sauna is definitely your product.

For equal distribution of heat across the area, two heat blowers with 750 watts power each have been placed thoughtfully in the bottom front. Due to the high strength, it is generally faster than most saunas in case of heating up.

What is the unique feature of the Relax Far infrared sauna? Well, this is the only available product in the market with a construction of 40 patented ceramic chips. And how do they work? With a frequency range of 4.4-14 microns, these chips emit far-infrared that ensures health benefits!

And you wouldn’t believe if I said that it takes less than a minute for this one to get the environment heated up! But, well, it is what it is.

Besides, it even benefits with a remarkably low EMF level. And if you ask for the benefits, Oh boy! You’ll get tired of reading them, but they just wouldn’t finish!

Starting from a circulation boost up, relieving off inflammation, developing immune system to anti-aging benefits, and treating chronic health conditions; this low EMF infrared sauna supports your total health!


  • Its use relieves symptoms of several health issues, including arthritis, inflammation, lupus, etc
  • Develops immunity
  • Elimination of toxins and heavy metals
  • Metabolism-boosting
  • Unique ceramic technology
  • Sleep improvement
  • Included sauna chair
  • Takes less time for warm-up
  • Extended size


  • Bit heavier than similar products

2. Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna- Low EMF Choice

Included Sports chair, easy to maneuver handheld controller, attached heated footpad.


  • Power: 110-120 V (AC), 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 31.5” (W) x 33″ (D) x 41″ (H)
  • EMF Levels: 5-15 mG
  • Warm-up Time: About 20 minutes for a drenching sweat
Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna

This extra-large portable sauna is what you need for easy accessibility of any individual! The Durherm Low EMF infrared sauna doesn’t only benefit you with excellent health facilities, but it also facilitates storage, portability, and user comfort.

What makes it the most interesting? The FIR sauna heating panels, undoubtedly! These three amazing panels with ultra-thin Tourmaline construction that can emit both negative ions and infrared waves!

Good news for you if you have sensitivity towards higher EMF levels. This is most possibly among the lowest EMF portable saunas available in the market! For your flexibility, it even has a larger space inside compared to similar products.

The heating panels can heat up to a maximum of 140F, which makes it quite quick to warm-up the whole arrangement. You can also adjust the time from the least 5 minutes to the highest an hour!

For those who expect to have included accessories with their portable saunas, this one comes with a durable sports chair and heated footpad as well.

With the scope of doing other activities while enjoying a great sauna, this low EMF infrared sauna will provide you with maximum comfort and satisfaction.


  • Easy to use
  • Includes washable neck collars
  • Portable folding chair included
  • Maximum comfort
  • Low EMF levels
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable temperature via a remote control device


  • As it is larger, locating the sauna while using it can be an issue
  • Copper construction

3. Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Portable Infrared Sauna – More Spacious

Well-positioned four carbon heating panels, includes a padded floor mat, canvas chair, provided with a fingertip controller.


  • Power: 900 Watts
  • Dimensions: 33” (W) x 33.5″ (D) x 41.5” (H)
  • EMF Levels: Less than 2.5 mG
  • Warm-up Time: About 5-10 minutes
Radiant ​​​​Infrared Sauna

If you look up for the best portable saunas anywhere on the internet, you will find this enlisted in every website. And the reason is that the Radiant Sauna has greatly benefitted the people. You might take a chance as well!

Let’s begin with the reason behind its exceptional efficiency. It has a wholly insulated triple layer arrangement. It has a construction of satin polyester, cotton, and reflective polyester on the outside, middle, and inside respectively.

For delivering a good heating punch, it comes with three carbon fiber panels. This allows you to heat the set-up entirely in less than 15 minutes!

For convenient usage, it comes with zipper compartments for hand extensions, feet, and head. For adjustable temperature, you will get a fingertip handheld controller offering five different heat levels.

With a relatively lower EMF level, spacious set up for taller individuals, included sturdy chair, good power supply, you can relax in this sauna on a regular basis! And guess what? All that at a highly affordable price.


  • Users up to 6.5″ can use the machine comfortably
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy for storage or portability
  • Completely assembled
  • Easy to open dual zippers
  • Easy controlling
  • Fresh inside due to provided clean air ionizer


  • Lacks a heating panel at the front

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4. Durherm Folding Home Steam Portable Sauna – Best Steam Sauna

It serves for many health benefits, faster heating, therapeutic advantages.


  • Power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 33” (W) x 34” (D) x 43” (H)
  • Maximum Temperature: 113F
  • Warm-up Time: About 10 minutes
Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna

Are you tired of the portable infrared sauna reviews? Well, then let’s take a break from them and look at this fantastic steam sauna. The Durherm portable steam sauna will offer you maximum physical benefits keeping it traditional.

Offering utmost safety, the traditional method works effectively for a confined area. You might be wondering if it offers high temperature as the other models. Well, not as high as them but a goof 113F, which is quite useful. However, it builds up a lot of steam. This look like an advantage to me where you can pair it up with fresh flowers or fragrant oils to give you an out of the world experience!

The steam generator has a power supply of 800 watts, which results in a quick warm-up. And if we talk about the best part, it comes with a directional hose whose direction can be changed according to your preference.

In the affordable price range, it even has zipper pockets to let out your hands and head free for multitasking! And with a mere weight of only 11 lbs, no trouble in carrying or storing.

That’s not all; it benefits you with better skin, better cardiovascular system, reduced stress keeping you active, and even improves sleep and blood circulation. All these features allow this product to be user favorite over time!


  • Detachable frame
  • Easy to store
  • Double zipper openings
  • Easy assembly, Easy usage
  • Lightweight making it highly portable
  • Steam condenser comes with a timer
  • Affordable


  • No included chair
  • Does not include vents to let go excess heat

5. Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Home Sauna – Best Accessorized

3 included heaters, included portable chair, timer control, heating pad for foot


  • Dimensions: 28” (W) x 30” (D) x 38” (H)
  • Weight: 17.85 lb only
  • Warm-up Time: About 5 minutes
Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna

Within an excellent price range for your strict budget, the Durherm FAR IR portable sauna comes with all the fantastic facilities that you’ll be needing. Have a look!

Let’s start the description with the coolest feature. It comes with three superconductive high-tech heater panels constructed of ultra-thin carbon. It has this efficient negative ion generator. It purifies the air giving you a mind bowling experience as if you were taking a sunbath in nature!

This has excellent handling with less space. You can place it anywhere and engage in multitasking, including reading books, magazines to even watching television.

With less than 5 minutes for the heat build-up, it allows some quick action. Again, it is also designed with comfortable cut-offs for head and hands, included foldable chair and footpads that heat up.

Don’t worry about heating too much, because you will be handed a remote control to flexibly adjust the timer and temperature according to your body needs. And with only about 18lbs weight, no worries in handling the whole set up either!


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a manual
  • Has a unique negative ion generator
  • Quality carbon heating pads
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • The air inside the sauna is kept fresh
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • A bit high priced
  • No extra added features

6. Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage- Lightest

Includes a set of PVC tubes for support, a steam hose, steam generator.


  • Power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 28” (W) x 33” (D) x 43” (H)
  • Maximum temperature: 113F
  • Warm-up Time: Less than 15 minutes
Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna

The Durasage steam sauna is another ideal portable sauna if you have settled in the decision of bringing home a steam sauna.

With 800 watts power, you would not have to wait for long before you can enjoy your home spa experience. Once you start using it, you will see that it doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes for the water to boil. This boiling water creates some extravagant steam that will deliver a magical experience!

If you have narrow spaces, then this product can be the perfect solution. Making it suitable for taller individuals and providing enough space, yet it occupies much less space for setting up.

For sturdy and rigid placement of the sauna, it is designed with a durable inside frame. It also brings along a steam generator. You can set the timer for up to an hour in this one. Hence, enjoy your time in your home spa to the maximum!

With the most comfortable assembly design, you can assemble the whole thing by yourself without any hassle and within the least time! Due to its simplistic design yet highly durable manufacture, it is sure to give your the right value of your money!


  • Ensures safety with separated designs
  • Less costly
  • Does not require more space
  • Simple design
  • Ensures easy portability
  • Water boils quicker
  • The timer can be set to a maximum of an hour
  • Easy assembly


  • Crossbar hinge is not of the best quality
  • No included chair

7. SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa – Personal Sauna- Best Pick

Included foldable portable chair, heating mat for foot, easily accessible zippers, comes with a wired controller.


  • Power: 1050 watts
  • Dimensions: 33” (W) x 32” (D) x 46” (H)
  • EMF Levels: About 2.4 mG
  • Warm-up Time: Less than 10 minutes
  • Maximum temperature: 140F
Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna

The last on our list but indeed one of the most desired products of the era! Yes, if you need the highest quality infrared home spa, then the Serenelife portable sauna will be your best companion!

So let’s begin knowing about this magical product! With high wattage, it can reach a maximum temperature of 140F in less than 10 minutes. It even comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the heat level automatically according to your comfort.

While you enjoy your time in the heat, it gives you the scope to multitask as well. The zippered pockets for your head and hands allow you to read magazines, have a cold shake, or even watch television.

The weight stands at only 20lbs making it very easy to carry. Hence, you can enjoy your home spa inside your house or even outside without struggling in the portability.

That’s not all, folks! In this price range, it even comes along with a foldable and highly durable sauna chair that will last for decades! It also allows you to program the home spa sessions for up to an hour to give you maximum relaxation.

Hence, providing essential health benefits, including weight loss, stress reduction, detoxification, and so on, it also saves you your valuable bucks. How? Well, with this one at home, you won’t have to go to the spa every month and spend huge money in a year. You got your spa right at home now, just enjoy it for as long as you desire!


  • Up to an hour of the sauna at home
  • User-friendly
  • Provides soothing body treatment
  • Low-cost design
  • Low EMF levels
  • Carbon fiber pads
  • Heat levels can be adjusted
  • 1-year warranty backup


  • Zipper quality is poor
  • Not ideal for taller individuals

Benefits of Using Personal Sauna/Portable Sauna

Being an alternative to conventional saunas, portable saunas have gained much popularity among the people who are trying to save money. Similarly, like the traditional saunas that are mostly housed in a wooden room, the personal saunas provide almost the same health benefits. From taking up less space to saving money, these saunas have several advantages. Let’s briefly look at some.

Amazing health advantages:

Do not underestimate the size of the personal saunas because they are no less than the regular ones. With proper use, they-

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Detoxifies and purifies the body
  • Improves skin health
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Boosts metabolism and circulation
  • Develops the immune system
  • Relieves from inflammation or symptoms of chronic diseases
  • Aids in muscle pain, joint stiffness, and so on


If we consider public saunas in spas, then we do not know the number of people using them in a day. Even after the cleaning between two sessions, you can never be entirely sure if the cabin contains any germs, bacteria, or not. However, in the case of a personal sauna, you do not have to think about that. You are the one who is using it and cleaning it afterward. Hence, you have full control over hygiene.

Saving money:

Visiting the spa even once in a month for the sauna can be expensive. Yes, you can get inside one as a one-off basis. But it will only result in more significant expenses annually. To avoid this, often people settle memberships, which can also be quite costly. Then what is the best solution? Nevertheless, the portable sauna!

Difference Between An Infrared Portable Sauna and A Portable Steam Sauna

The two types of saunas would be the infrared and the steam sauna. Though both of them aim at improving your health, they work differently and have slight differences in their properties as well.

Heating process: Steam saunas take the help of stove in building up steam that raises the air temperature around you. Whereas, portable infrared saunas take the help of infrared heaters that generate heat waves. These waves penetrate your skin, raising body temperature, and ultimately making you sweat.

Heat: Traditional saunas can build up the heat up to 180-190F. Whereas, the low EMF infrared saunas maintain a milder environment of about 120-140F.

However, this does not mean they are not sufficiently efficient. As the heat reaches beneath the skin, these products can give you drenching sweat in a couple of minutes!

Essential power: Steam saunas need more power to work efficiently, whereas the infrared ones can function within a lesser power range.

Humidity: If we consider humidity, there’s no doubt that steam saunas will give you a more satisfying experience. But infrared saunas will help you achieve your desired goals within the less humid environment. So, that’s not a problem either!

6 Tips to Use Your New Sauna

There are a few things you can do to enjoy a good time in the sauna-

  • Only use saunas if you are in a healthy state. For pregnant women or anyone suffering from a severe health condition, consult with the physician before using the sauna.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water before at least half-an-hour of your sauna treatment. Keep in mind that you are going to sweat a lot, so it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated.
  • It is better not to drink cold beverages before the session, or it may take longer to get a good sweat.
  • If you were not given a sauna chair with your portable sauna or if it is uncomfortable for you, you can simply use your regular chair.
  • Aromatherapy can be an excellent way to improve your sauna experience. The essential oils can benefit you in different ways, including promoting detoxification, lifting your mood, it even relieving of sinuses.
  • It is better just to sit and relax in the sauna without doing anything. But to prevent monotony, you can keep some magazines to keep you entertained.

How to Choose The Best Portable Sauna – Buying Guide

You may get baffled to see so many options available. But if you keep the following points in mind, it is more likely to find a suitable choice for you!

Types of portable saunas

You will mainly find two types of portable saunas. They will look mostly similar on the side. But you will find the difference when it comes to the heating process. One will take into account infrared waves for heating your body, and another will generate steam for the same cause.

If you would love some aromatherapy with essential oils or a more humid atmosphere, then the steam sauna is for you. However, to settle for a profuse sweat without the steam, the infrared one will work faster.

Check the dimensions

Are you claustrophobic? Then you should pay special attention to the size of your portable sauna.

Seated saunas give you the scope to extend your hands and head out of the enclosed tent. However, if you are a taller or larger size, then it is better to purchase a bigger sized set-up.  For a comfortable experience, the size will matter significantly.

What are the EMF ratings?

According to scientific research, it has been found that EMF lower than 3mG is better for human health. Greater EMF can result in higher radiation generation that is undoubtedly dangerous to your health.

So, it is always better to settle for the lower EMF ratings. If you are pretty sensitive to this point, then our enlisted Relax Far infrared sauna or the SereneLife portable sauna can be better choices for you.

Maximum temperature levels

As I’ve mentioned earlier, portable steam ones will provide a greater temperature than the portable infrared saunas.

Traditional steam saunas will heat the environment inside your tent up to 180F and more. Whereas, infrared-wave saunas will only allow a maximum of 120-150F, which isn’t less either.

You don’t need to be disappointed because even though they offer lower heat but the waves generated will penetrate deep inside your body, raising your temperature to the desired level.

However, both will give you a good heat up; no doubt on that!


If you have a portable sauna, but it is difficult to carry, then how is it even worth the title? Hence, when you know that you are on your own in carrying the sauna or in assembling it, you need to make sure it weighs less so that you don’t get a profuse frustrating sweating session before the sauna!

The lightest on our list would be the Durherm folding portable sauna that weighs only 11 pounds! Even your kid can move it around. Just kidding, don’t let your kids do it!

Does it include a remote control?

To be honest, this would be the most significant aspect of your portable sauna. When you are inside the tent, enjoying your relaxed time, you need the option for controlling the settings from inside.

Remote control will help you adjust the heat levels and settings to improve your spa experience without letting you step out of your sauna. That means, no breach of the relaxation

Quality of the seat or chair

You will most likely get an included sauna chair with your whole set-up. If you are going to take sessions of a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of an hour, you need to ensure your comfort throughout the whole time.

And to ensure this comfort, you need a pleasant environment and a relaxing seat. It will not only make your sessions enjoyable but also restrain fatigue.

Additionally, a foldable sauna chair can be a wise option. These foldable options will allow you to carry them more quickly, helping in mobility and portability. They are also quite easy to store. You don’t even need to find a spacious place for their storage. That’s some sound logic behind choosing one of these, don’t you think?

Portability and storage

You cannot keep the set-up intact in a specific location all the time. Hence, you need something that you can disassemble and assemble properly and with ease every time.

Some of them are easily fold able with very less weight count. It ensures better portability along with a more efficient space-saving storage.


Many manufacturers will give you bonus accessories along with the sauna to upgrade your comfort levels. Among them, some come with a heating footpad, phone pockets, towels, washable neck collars, and so on.

The heating footpad can work efficiently to improve your experience by supplying the heat thoroughly across the body. The other items may seem like a luxurious bonus. However, do not let the fancy accessories divert you from looking at the main features.

Chairs are also a great addition to many saunas. They are explicitly made for the sauna sessions. No matter what sorts of added accessories you get with the product, make sure to check the quality of all of them.

How to Clean Infrared Portable Sauna

Are you struggling with keeping it clean? Here’s how to do it correctly!

To be honest, you do not have to follow any hard and fast rules to keep your sauna clean. But if you have invested a good amount of money in it, isn’t it a must for you to keep it fresh so that every time you get in it, you have the best experience!

Things you will need- Warm water, A towel, and Non-toxic soap

Now let’s go to the procedure-

  • Take the warm water in a bucket.
  • Add some non-toxic soap to it and mix them well.
  • Soak the towel in the water, and release excess water.
  • Use the damped towel to wipe clean the inside of your set-up, including the interior walls.
  • Be careful to reach all the nooks and corners.
  • After you are done with the cleaning, throw away the mixture.
  • You can also use some essential afterward with fresh water for another wiping session. This will leave a pleasant fragrance in the entire tent.
  • Clean the sauna chair, heater, and heating footpad in the same way.

Now, to maintain a hygienic environment, make sure to go through the cleaning procedure at least once a week. Wasn’t that simple as a piece of cake?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose a low EMF infrared sauna over a steam sauna?

A: They generate infrared waves that do not heat the atmosphere like the steam saunas. They instead focus on heating and relaxing your body. This allows you a more extended stay in them.

Q: Do they work in the anti-aging process?

A: Definitely! The low EMF infrared saunas allow you anti-aging benefits, including preventing the development of wrinkles sooner or in reducing them. Their use will also allow a smoother, younger-looking, healthier skin, no doubt!

Q: Is it ideal to shower right after the sauna session?

A: 30-60 minutes of sauna session with regular intervals will give you fantastic health benefits. Even after the sessions, you will observe that your body is still sweating. Hence, for better results and detoxification of the body, you may want to wait 10-15 minutes before you can take a shower.

Final Verdict

Having to set-up a traditional sauna cabin or visiting the public sauna frequently can both cost you significant expenses. Hence, going for a portable sauna can be the wisest choice.

If you think an infrared one will meet your requirements, then I’d suggest the Relax Far Infrared sauna as enlisted in our portable home sauna reviews. However, if you are going for a traditional option, Durasage lightweight steam sauna can be the perfect choice for you.

Nevertheless, for a pleasing home spa experience, the SereneLife portable home sauna will surely become your favorite the very moment you start using it.

No matter which one you get, you need to make sure it is the best portable infrared sauna for you that will keep up with your preferences. Just sit back and enjoy once you have got your desired product at hand!

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