Best Portable Sink in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting your mind away from the daily monotonous routine requires spending quality time at the outdoors. A picnic, hiking, or even camping sounds perfect. But this comes with a price, a lot of thinking, worries, planning, and everything that is enough to spoil your mood.

Let’s consider hygiene for a moment. You go on camping, but how are you going to wash yourselves, the foodstuff, or the utensils? That is a spoiler right there. But would you let hygiene come in your way of having fun outdoors? Well, I wouldn’t.

Best Portable Sink
Best Portable Sink

With the developing age and modern gadgets, nothing is an issue, not even hygiene. And so the manufacturers have come with the innovative portable camping sinks. However, there are so many options, and most of them similar features which further puts you into dilemma.

Wait up! We are here. We have brought along a list of the best portable sinks considering quality, efficiency and convenience of usage. So, sit back a few minutes because you are on the way to a great deal!

A Look at Our Favorites Portable Sink

SereneLife Camping Sink
    This one stands as a top choice for most users. Certainly, the quality speaks for itself.
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Hike Crew Portable Foot Pump Sinks
    Having a bit of style with performance is something to boast on!
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Outdoor White Basin Wash Sink
    If you are going to use it for washing, you need to make sure it’s safe to use. Thank goodness, you have this sink
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Giantex Portable Sink for Camping
    This lightweight sink will surely allow easy mobility to anywhere!
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GYMAX Portable Hand Washing Sink
    With several convenient features, it’s a must on the top list!
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5 Best Portable Sink for Camping Review

1. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink – Editor’s Choice

It includes rolling wheels, built-in handle, transportable faucet station, foot pump dispenser.


  • Dimensions: 19.7″ (W) x 13″ (D) x 40.1″ (H)
  • Weight: 7.72 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 19 L
  • Drainage hose length: 2.7 ft
  • Basin capacity: 3.5 L
  • Soap tank capacity: 3 L
  • Warranty: A year
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

For the best camping experience, a portable sink can do lots. And in this regard, the SereneLife camping sink is incomparable!

When you hear portable sink, you think of the time and effort for the assembly. But with this camping sink, all you can think about is the fun you’ll be having outdoors! Take it to your campsite, fix the wheels for the stable positioning and done!

Go on an outdoor adventure, take the whole crowd with you! The 19-litre tank capacity will handle the fuss. It can make up for more than 100 washes. Clean hands, clean pots for the picnic!

For an entire event, you’ll need a lot of soap, and so here it has the 3 L soap dispenser to back it up. Along with a long drainage hose, it even comes with a deep washbasin for your maximum convenience.

And finally, the high-density polyethylene makes sure you have this beauty for the long run. Hence, if you are going to invest in an outdoor washing station, make it worthy!


  • Compact
  • Allows an on-site setup
  • Generous basin depth for easy cleaning
  • Great tank capacity
  • Durable material
  • Non-toxic
  • Foot pump dispenser for warm water


  • Proper assembly takes time and maybe an extra hand

2. Hike Crew Portable Foot Pump Sinks – Best Stylish

It includes a manual foot pump, towel rack, carries handle, rolling wheels, stylish gooseneck faucet.


  • Dimensions: 12.9″ (W) x 19.7″ (D) x 32.2″ (H)
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 19 L
  • Basin capacity: 3.8 L / 1 gallon
  • Soap tank capacity: 6 pints
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Life in an RV has not been easy with washing and cleaning! But after you get your hands on the Hike Crew portable foot pump sink, get ready to let go the fuss, and accept the amenities!

With a 5-gallon tank capacity, this sink will let your needs of a reservoir vanish away! But what about the wastewater? The convenient drainage hose is here to the rescue.

Picnic is all about doing stuff together, eating, cooking and even washing. Thank goodness! The food-graded washbasin of the sink is safe to clean the pots or even the food.

A soap dispenser with 6 pints sounds just enough for hundreds of washes. To optimize your convenience in using, it comes with a foot pump and a useful towel holder. Just because it’s a portable sink, doesn’t mean it cannot look classy, right? So, here you go with a beautiful gooseneck faucet to complete the looks.

Make your RV life a lot better with this portable camping sink with pump, immediately!


  • Easy assembly, Easy cleanup
  • Classy looks
  • Zero-stains on-board!
  • Deep basin
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Easy portability
  • Ideal for long-term usage


  • The washbasin is a bit small for washing bigger pots

3. Outdoor White Basin Wash Portable Sink – Best For Safe Use

Includes a drainage hose, soap dispenser, rolling wheels, built-in handle.


  • Dimensions: 19.5″ (W) x 14″ (D) x 41″ (H)
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 19 L
  • Drainage hose length: 2.7 ft
  • Soap tank capacity: 6 pints
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Get a portable sink, that’s easy to set up, to use and even to clean. And when I say that, the portable outdoor white basin pops on my head!

For a good outdoor experience, you need a hand washing sink that can serve a lot of people. And the 19 L tank will surely not run short of the water stream. The hands-free operation just adds to your excitement and convenience. A little use of the foot pump, and an ensured hygienic wash!

The handy compact design allows you to take it anywhere and everywhere. Going to a picnic, camping or the RV, the portable sink will fit in all places.

With a 3 L soap tank capacity, cleanliness will not be a problem anymore no matter where you go. The 6-pints dispenser at the side is all set to help you get a good wash. But is the whole material safe to use? Of course, it is completely non-toxic!

For easier transport, the wheels are a great addition. What more do you need from a portable camping sink?


  • Simple installation process
  • Easy draining of wastewater
  • Efficient foot pump
  • Simple operation
  • The tank allows easy filling
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Enough capacity for 180 washes


  • Needs to be cleaned well to prevent moulds

4. Giantex Portable Sink for Camping – Best Lightweight

Includes a foot pump, hand towel, carries handle, wheels, base holes for anchoring to the ground, flexible drainage hose.


  • Dimensions: 20″ (W) x 13″ (D) x 40″ (H)
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 19 L
  • Soap tank capacity: 3 L
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

A lightweight, portable camping sink is all that you need for your family outing to the countryside. And the Giantex portable sink is just perfect for the occasion.

The camping sink is made of HDPE plastic that stands tough and strong for the long run. Don’t worry about running out of water when you have the sizeable 5-gallon water tank with the sink! It can stick around for more than a 100 washes.

It has an incorporated foot pump only adds to your ease in using the camping sink. One pump dispenses 180ml of water at one go, which sounds just enough.

Apart from just washing your hands, you can wash pots, containers and even more with the deep, profound basin. For a better wash, the 3 L fluid dispenser works great. And with the included towel holder, that’s mostly all you’ll need for the portable camping sink!

The carry handle, wheels and the lengthy drainage pipe checks all the boxes. And finally, a tool-free installation for the best experience of a portable camping sink with pump. So, what are you waiting for?


  • Allows stable positioning
  • Tank capacity allows up to 100 washes
  • Easy wastewater drainage
  • No hassle in transportation
  • Tools free assembly
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Hands-free operation


  • Lacks a drainage container for the wastewater

5. GYMAX Portable Hand Washing Sink – Budget Pick

It includes a drainage pipe, carry handle, rolling wheels, foot-pump, on-board tissue holder.


  • Dimensions: 20″ (W) x 13.5″ (D) x 40.5″ (H)
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Tank capacity: 17 L / 4.5 gallons
  • Basin capacity: 3 L / 0.8 gallon
  • Soap dispenser capacity: 3 L
Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Considering where the world is headed to, ensuring hygiene is a must. But that cannot stop you from having fun outdoors. This is why gadgets like the GYMAX portable washbasin is a need!

It comes with a 17 L water tank and a 3 L soap dispenser. They sure can keep going for a long time! Yet, this portable sink is super lightweight, and you can carry it around easily. If it is still heavy on the hands, the rolling wheels are to support you as well.

To make up for your ease in washing and cleaning, the water tank has an attached foot pump that dispenses 180 ml each time. What makes the portable camping sink with pump safer is its food-graded quality. Yes, you can wash pots, containers, fruits, and vegetables in the basin.

Is it all? Wait up! For further convenience, it comes with an attached tissue holder. And to sum it up, this whole set up is very easy to assemble, with no tools needed at all!

Take along your guaranteed hygiene with you to camping!


  • Convenient transportation
  • More than 100 hundred with a single refill
  • Base holes allow for fixing on the ground
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile application


  • The washbasin has smaller dimensions

Things to Look for In a Portable Camping Sink

If you get your hands on a gadget without researching through your needs and its features, then all you will be left do is regret the investment.

Well, yes we have already listed the best few catches on the market. But you can still make your decision based on these factors we have enlisted, that make up for a good portable hand washing sink. Taking a glance won’t be disappointing!

Portable camping sink size

Before settling on the size, you need to know the purpose of using the portable outdoor sink. If you think all you’ll be doing is washing up hands on an outing, then the smaller option is quite suitable.

However, if you plan on going for a few days on camping, then you are going to need something to wash those dishes in. Hence, you must go for a bigger option. But don’t forget about the weight; otherwise, you might spoil the fun.

You might need to consider the height as well. Say, for children, the greater heights would be impossible to reach, so it’s better to stay at a medium height that allows easy usage for everyone.

Durability check

If you ask for personal opinion; durability is my priority when choosing any sort of gadgets. And the same goes for portable sinks for camping as well.

Now, if you are going to use a gadget outdoors, you must be aware of the issues that might come along with it. For instance, the adverse weather, the rough usage, sands, rough standing surface, and let’s not forget carrying the portable outdoor sink to the destination. All these might damage the whole setup.

Hence, it is better to settle for a material that is strong, sturdy and can withdraw the adverse effects. There are a few options out there that offer durability. You just need to look for the right one!

The water tank

You can find portable sinks with different styles out there. Some of them may come with cabinet style that holds the water gallons and some with attached water tanks.

Most users prefer the attached water tanks because you don’t have to check the water level now and then, and it’s much more convenient to use. The water tanks come with a good capacity and an integrated foot pump for further ease.

Another advantage would be the connected drainage hose that takes away the wastewater without making a fuss for you. Yes, these options might cost a few more bucks, but considering the convenience, it’s surely worthwhile.

Simple installation

Well, you are not going to use portable camping sinks regularly. But yet, you need to make sure the installation process doesn’t cause you much trouble.

Whereas it is great having a bunch of removable parts for easy mobility, but it can be troublesome when it comes to assembling them. So, what do you do?

You go for an option that doesn’t cause much fuss for the installation, yet light enough to carry along. If you spend your time and efforts in installing a simple hand sink, then when are you going to have fun?

Easy portability

Well, we are all here for the same cause—a simple portable outdoor sink. So, naturally, the portability factor must be on the spot. Now, there are a few things that ease the portability.

For instance, carrying handle and rolling wheels can make this super easy to move from one place to another. Also, the lighter the weight, the easier for you to carry it around.

You will find hundreds of options out there. Some might even tick the boxes for an ideal portable outdoor sink, but if it’s not easy to move around, that’s a bummer!


Do you know what has the most impact on any sort of purchase? The investment, precisely, your budget.

While a portable sink can benefit you in so many ways, but be careful, so you don’t end up on investing more bucks on something that’s not even worth it. So, even if it’s inexpensive or costly, it should be worthy of each penny!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will there be a hassle in setting up the sink?

    Not at all! Most of them don’t even require tools for the setup.

  2. How to use portable sinks?

    Take it your destination, attach the tank, set it on the ground, and voila! Ready to use!

  3. What are the added accessories I’ll get with the sink?

    You may get nice goodies with them, like- fancy aesthetic faucets.


If you ask for the best ones, I’m going to have to go for a few options here – the SereneLife sink, the High Crew camping sink, and the outdoor white basin portable sink. All the options are great, but these have shown better results considering public choice.

Hey, if you love camping or hanging out outdoors, then enjoying a few modern amenities won’t hurt. And when it comes to hygiene, that’s not an amenity, but a necessity. Hence, if you spend some money on the best portable sink, you cannot possibly regret. So have you made up your mind yet?

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